Samsung Galaxy S7: News & Rumours

Noutati despre Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7: News & Rumours

Samsung Galaxy S7: News & Rumours

When it comes to the new Samsung Galaxy S7, we want to see Samsung departing from the usual design of standard, blocky phone.

What we want now is something innovative, something that pushes the boundaries and takes into account all the awesome technology Samsung keeps promising.

So here’s how we think it should shake down – TechRadar’s Galaxy S7, complete with all the technology Samsung has talked about… and some of our own desires too.

The main difference is, again, the screen. If Samsung is going to make a success of the Gear VR, it needs a better screen, and leaping forward to 8K will make shoving the phone on your face a pin sharp experience.

The other big thing we’re hoping to FINALLY see is the iris scanning technology that supersedes the fingerprint scanners we’re seeing everywhere. With dual hi-res scanning cameras on the front, with enhanced aperture, simply turning the phone screen on will prove who you are.

The edges of the super sharp screen are now properly pushed to the side of the phone, with the notifications now showing properly either side – the S6 Edge has the curves as decoration, but now they’re actually going to be used.

And bass-rich speakers top and bottom will utilise Samsung’s omni-sound technology to make the phone a true media marvel – no more backwards-facing tinny sound here.

Of course, Touchwiz still remains… but hey, there’s only so much we can hope for….

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News and rumors

So what exactly do we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy S7? The real answer is not all that much, it’s only a few months since the Galaxy S6 hit the market so real, worthwhile details are a little hard to come by.

However a new rumour from the South Korean website Newsis apparently cites insider sources who claim that Samsung has started work on the Galaxy S7 about 2 to 3 months ahead of its usual schedule.

If this is true (and that’s a big if, as the sources of this rumour are unclear and unverified), it could just mean that Samsung is eager to start work on the S7 as soon as possible to give it a longer development period.

However some people are getting excited because it could mean that Samsung is gearing up to launch the Galaxy S7 early, which could mean we’d see a second Galaxy S flagship handset in 2015. In fact December has already been mooted as a potential Samsung Galaxy S7 release date – although we reckon that’s highly unlikely.

Traditionally, Samsung usually releases one Galaxy S and one Galaxy Note flagship device a year, so it would be a big departure if it released the S7 in 2015. This rumour could just be a case of getting lost in translation, so we’d recommend caution when taking it at face value.

Curved screens?

One rumour does seem to have a little weight thrown behind it though as sources believe the Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may be coming with curved screens.

According to supply chain sources both phones will be launching with flexible displays after Samsung put in some big orders with Taiwanese manufacturers. It may end up being a separate version of the Galaxy S7 much like with the Galaxy S6 Edge but it’s interesting all the same.

There’s even talk that Samsung will go further and deliver a foldable phone, but this seems incredibly unlikely. Even if the technology is in place (which is a big if) it’s doubtful that Samsung would risk something so new and untested on its flagship.

Beyond that we can guess at a few things. The design is unlikely to change much for example, having only just been overhauled, while Android M’s inclusion is all but guaranteed and an announcement at or around MWC in February 2016 is likely given past form. With a 4K screen rumored for the Galaxy Note 5 it’s always possible the Galaxy S7 will get one of them too.

Not much else is known about the Samsung Galaxy S7 just yet so follow on over to the next page and we’ll show you what we’d like to see.

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