Galaxy S7 Processor 820 Snapdragon

Galaxy S7 Processor 820 Snapdragon

Galaxy S7 Processor 820 Snapdragon

Galaxy S7 Processor 820 Snapdragon

It’s nice when everyone gets along, right? That’s got to be the reason that Samsung seems so hell-bent on getting the new Qualcomm chip to be awesome.

Reports emerged that Samsung is working to make sure the new Snapdragon 820 chipset doesn’t have the same overheating problems as its predecessor, coming up with new ways of helping make sure it stays cool.

Update: Well, apparently that’s not even true, as according to Qualcomm there’s nothing to worry about. In a statement sent to TechRadar, the chipset maker confirmed that there was no software fix needed to lower the running temperature, nor any efforts into radiating heat pipes in case that didn’t work.

“The rumors circulating in the media regarding Snapdragon 820 performance are false. The Snapdragon 820 improves on all IP blocks and is fabricated in the second generation of the 14nm process technology,” said a spokesperson.

“It is meeting all of our specifications, but more importantly, it is satisfying the thermal and performance specifications from our OEMs.”

It’s possible that both stories are true – although Samsung hasn’t been officially confirmed as a manufacturing partner. In any development there would be a refinement process and issues would arise as normal that would need to be solved, but there doesn’t appear to be any reason to think that the 820 will be suffering from overheating in the same way as last year.

Not all about you, mate

The reason for this effort is two-fold: having a great Qualcomm chipset means it can just plug in a key component into its new Galaxy S7, rather than having to create a custom chip and sell that in millions of phones, as it had to with theGalaxy S6 following reports that the Snapdragon 810 was getting too toasty in phones.

But it’s reported that Samsung is partly behind the manufacture of these chips too, with Qualcomm handing the firm a contract to create part of the orders for the smartphone engine.

Qualcomm badly needs the flagship chip to perform well in next year’s top-end smartphones to help eradicate the memory of brands going with lower-power variants to keep performance under control.

The upshot is: Samsung helping Qualcomm means better phones for all – especially the Galaxy S7. Good times.


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